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Concrete Sealers

The Acryla range of concrete sealers & stone sealers are all Low VOC water based Acrylic hybrid coatings and sealers.  This gives the sealers better gloss, improved penetration and superior wear.

The Acryla products can be used on a variety of surfaces including driveways, factory floors, shopping centres, garage floors, driveways, vinyl and terrazzo.
They are all simple to use single pack water based, non-yellowing coatings with easy re-coatability.

Fortis Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic Sealer to be applied to stencilled paving, concrete

Fortis Acrylic Concrete Sealer

Fortis Acryla Seal on stencilled concrete

1. Acryla Seal

Acrylic Non-Yellowing concrete sealer for use on driveways and pavers. Can be used on green concrete.

Download MSDS | Download TDS

2. Acryla Pave

A fast drying water based acrylic driveway and paving sealer. It provides a protective gloss ‘wet-look’ layer which provides resistance to oil, grease, dust and dirt.

Download MSDS | Download TDS

3. Acryla Polish

A premium grade fast drying water based acrylic polyurethane sealer. It provides a highly durable and protective gloss ‘wet-look’ layer leaving the concrete substrate resistant to oil, grease, dust, dirt and is ultra durable from wear in high traffic areas.

Download MSDS | Download TDS