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Urethane Adhesives

Fortis produce (Poly) Urethane adhesives in a variety of grades. These  include one-component and two-component.  All have specific applications. Polyurethane adhesive’s have good adhesion to wood, metal and plastics. For the right advice on which adhesive/glue to use it is best to contact Fortis directly Fortis Technical.


1. FORTIS AD512 (Polyurethane Adhesive)

Universal construction polyurethane adhesive for timber, concrete, floorboards, strip flooring
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2. FORTIS AD5105 (Finger Jointing | Laminating Adhesive )

Moisture cured polyurethane adhesive for fingerjointing for fast line speeds – 10min working time.

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3. FORTIS AD5205 (Joinery Adhesive)

Moisture cured polyurethane adhesive for carpentry and lamination of composites – 20 min open time
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4. FORITS AD5405 (Carpentry | Joinery Adhesive)

FORTIS AD5405 is a Moisture cured polyurethane adhesive that provides good open time with enhance penetration into timber for carpentry, lamination of composites with 40 minute open time.


  • Good Substrate wetting
  • 40 minute open time
  • Rapid laminate fabrication
  • Extremely high adhesion
  • Suitable for oily hardwood
  • Low odour
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5. FORTIS AD5113 (Stainless Steel | Timber | Composite Adhesive)

FORTIS AD5113 is a Moisture cured solvent based polyurethane glue for stainless, colorbond, rubbers to timber, FRP, cement sheet and a range of other laminates.

Fortis AD5113 (formerly Suprasec 7113) polyurethane adhesive glue

Fortis AD5113- Solvent based Moisture Curing Urethane Adhesive


  • Short Clamp time
  • Red making it easy to see
  • High coverage rate <250gm/m2
  • Extremely high adhesion
  • Excellent bonding to metals
  • Fast green strength

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7. LAM 5060 (General Laminating Adhesive)

Moisture cured single component polyurethane adhesive for lamination. Used for Styrene to cement sheet, Paper to corflew.
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8. LAM 5260 (FRP Laminating Adhesive – Truck Bodies)

Two component polyurethane adhesive for FRP lamination for truck bodies and recreational vehicles.
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