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Polyurethane Concrete Coatings and Timber Coatings 

Polyurethane floor coatings are suitable for use where there is foot traffic, machine traffic for example cars, trucks and forklifts, chemicals such as weak acid, oils, brake & radiator fluid, minor impact from tools and equipment, and be food grade rated.  The FORTIS range of polyurethane coatings for concrete, timber and marine applications meets these specifications and more. Fortis have non-yellowing polyurethane coatings,  water based suitable for both \suitable for interior and exterior use, resistant to a wide variety of insults.


The perfect adhesion prometer for use on exposed concrete aggregate to ensure the highest bond. Even to the most difficult of stone and quartz for use prior to the application of any of the non yellowing polyurethane coatings.  Peace of mind for the most performance conscious of applicators.

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A clear high solids single pack, aliphatic, non-yellowing urethane (polyurethane) premium coating.  Designed specifically for use on concrete, timber and stone surfaces.  FORTIS COAT519 Concrete Coating is a high performance coating, which is easily applied and adheres extremely well to concrete, timber and stone surfaces.  It is an aesthetically pleasing high-end coating for use in a wide range of situations. Can be used in any application requiring a high performance, low maintenance, heavy duty stain resistant coating.  Areas of use include factory floors, retail shop flooring, workshops, garages and wooden boats.

Fortis Coat519 non-yellowing moisture cured polyurethane

Fortis Coat519 20Lt


  • Low Odour moisture cure coating
  • Non-yellowing
  • Superior performance in interior and exterior applications
  • Ease of application and recoating
  • Extremely high adhesion
  • Excellent flow & wet edge
  • Fast curing in a wide range of temperatures
  • Adheres well to concrete coloring techniques for example Fortis Concrete Acid Stains
  • Highly durable
  • Tyre & scuff resistant

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3. FORTIS ECO COAT526 – Clear Water Base Floor Coating 

FORTIS ECO COAT526 is a non-yellowing two pack water based floor coating . It meets low VOC requirements and provides a durable long wearing coating.  Designed specifically for use on concrete, timber and stone surfaces. FORTIS ECO COAT526 can be used in any application requiring a high performance, low maintenance, heavy duty and stain resistant coating.  Areas of use include retail shop flooring, residential homes and offices.  Excellent for commerical applications where solvents are an issue
It is recoatable with minimum rework making it perfect for the retail environment.

Polyurethane Concrete Coatings and Timber Coatings low VOC

Fortis Eco Coat526 in Retail Clothing Shop




It is available in Gloss & Satin. Matt made by special order.

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2 pack Non-yellowing high wearability colored Polyurethane for concrete
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FORTIS ECO PRIME520 is a two component clear water based polyurethane primer coat suitable for brush or roller application. For use as a high performance clear polyurethane primer for wood and concrete substrates. Usually finished with FORTIS COAT 526 2K or FORTIS COAT 519

  • Medium build 2 pack water based
  • Non-Yellowing.
  • Low Odour
  • Chemically bonds to siliceous and most polar compounds.
  • Cures well in humid and cold conditions.

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For use in extreme conditions to increase cure of solvent based coatings
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