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Concrete Acid Stains – Artistic Concrete

Concrete Acid Stains – Artistic Concrete by Natalie Sun.

Concrete Acid Stains – Artistic Concrete by Natilie has has found new life  on artistic concrete

Natalie uses an arresting style to create her distinctive portraits. Merging traditional painting techniques with less tradition mediums, she has developed a complex and unconventional practice.

Natalie’s introduction to concrete as a canvas allows her to create images that are deep set within the substrates of the artwork itself. She spends countless hours adding layer upon layer of chemically reacting acid stains (supplied by Fortis Adhesives and Coatings), inks and dyes. Reworking images by etching away at the cement with highly controlled applications of acid.

A keen observer of the everyday and fascinated with physical characteristics and the phycological boundaries of people, Natalie Sun looks to capture those uneasily defined expressions and moments. Challenging viewers to draw upon their own unique set of emotions and experiences.

More information regarding acid stains can be found at Fortis Concrete Acid Stains-Artistic Concrete  For information regarding Natalie’s works and studio go to  N52.NAATSTUDIO.COM.