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Contact Adhesives – Spray and Brushable

Contact adhesives (cements) have good adhesion to metal, timber, mdf and plastics and therefore find end use in many industrial applications. Typically they should be applied to both substrates being boinded.

1. FORTIS AD210 (Premium fast drying Contact Adhesive)
A premium fast drying solvent based, contact adhesive.  It is predominantly for use in bonding light weight composites, fiberglass, polystyrene and foils.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent green strength
  • Excellent spray-ability

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2. FORTIS AD211-PS (Polystyrene Spray Contact Adhesvie)
Contact cement specifically for use with polystyrene panel lamination

  • Excellent Substrate wetting
  • Rapid lamination
  • Extremely high adhesion
  • Suitable for metal to polystyrene

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3. FORTIS AD213 (Spray and Brush Contact Adhesive)
Premium fast drying contact cement.

  • Excellent Substrate wetting
  • Brush or Sprayable
  • Suitable for vinyl, carpet, fabric, timber, metal

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4. FORTIS AD216 (Spray Contact Adhesive)
Premium spray contact adhesive – high heat resistance.
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5. FORTIS AD225 (Contact Adhesive)
Cross Linkable contact adhesive.
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6. FORTIS F1 Industrial Spray Adhesive (Spray Contact Adhesive)

FORTIS F1 Industrial Spray Adhesive

FORTIS F1 Industrial Spray Adhesive

Fast drying Industrial spray contact adhesive.
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