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Concrete Acid Stains


Staining concrete the traditional way using Acid Stains to provide a natural effect.

<p>Water-based Acid stain is a liquid coloring agent that etches and permanently changes the color of concrete resulting in a powerful and dramatic concrete surface. It utilizes a combination of minerals and organic acids. The acid stain penetrates the micro pores of the concrete forcing a chemical reaction between the lime within the concrete and the stain. The color of the concrete will be permanently altered providing a varied natural colored marbled look on concrete floors, countertops or any concrete surface where you want a dramatic effect. Fortis Acid Stains have the added benefit of limited residue as they contain no Hydrochloric Acid (muriatic acid), eliminating the need for neutralising. Acid stains are harder to apply but provide one-of-a kind results. Acid stains can be sealed or left unsealed and are completely UV stable.</p>

Antique Tan  
Antique Blue  
Antique Green  
Antique Red  
Antique Brown  
Antique Black