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Fortis Concrete Acid Stain | Melbourne | Australia

Fortis Concrete Acid Stain over white concrete overlay

Fortis Concrete Stain used to create artwork on concrete

Artist Natalie Sun creates masterpieces on concrete using Fortis Concrete Acid Stains

Fortis Concrete Acid Stains

Color Pallet of Fortis Acid Stains on white cement












Fortis manufacture a range of reactive concrete acid stains. These are used for the designer stained concrete floors for an individual effect.  It is the concrete acid stain of choice for those wishing to eliminate heavy neutralisation.   Fortis Adhesive and Coatings Concrete Acid Stains are a reactive concrete stain that contain no hydrochloric acid, therefore eliminating the need for neutralising. They do however require a mop with clean water to remove any residual salts the following morning.

Fortis Concrete Acid Stains can be used on new and old concrete as well as concrete overlays.

Enhancing the acid stain is recommended. This can be done by sealing with a range of different coatings:
From water based FORTIS ECO COAT 526 GLOSS to single pack moisture curing FORTIS COAT 519 


  • When applying stains, always use all-plastic spray bottles.
  • Always test your dilution concentrations to ensure you obtain the colour you’re after.
  • Test the sealer to see how the finished floor will look.
  • DO NOT use hydrochloric acid to prepare the concrete.
  • Concrete needs to be a minimum of 14 days old before applying Acid Stains

Download MSDS:

Fortis Concrete Acid stains: Antique Red | Antique Green | Antique Ebony/Black | Antique Brown

Antique Blue Concrete Acid Stain

Antique Gold/Tan Concrete Acid Stain

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