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Glue Lamination Adhesive - Fortis AD5105-S

FORTIS AD5105-S is a single component, moisture curing structurally certified polyurethane timber adhesive with 10-minute open time. It is used for fast processing glue-laminated timber.


FORTIS AD5105-S Structural Wood Adhesive is a one-component, water-resistant, wood adhesive for structural lamination. FORTIS AD5105-S Structural Wood Adhesive is suitable for large structural glue lamination that requires a longer time to lay up before clamping, for example structural beams, lintels 




Suitable for high-density timbers / Most hardwoods Waterproof adhesive according to NEN-EN 204 D4 EN302 /AS/NZS 4364:2010 Specially developed for heavily loaded construction joints Expands as it dries Superior adhesion at low dosage Excellent heat resistance


EN302 /AS/NZS 4364:2010 - Pass GLTAA - Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia: CERTIFICATE #007.




FORTIS AD5105-S is suitable for all kinds of glue lamination, most commonly structural timber. FORTIS AD5105-S is suitable for glueing a wide range of woods. Examples include hard, soft and exotic wood types. It is suitable for many Australian and Indonesian hardwoods with high densities Both sides of the surface must be dry and free of dust and grease. Assembly time tolerances are mill and substrate-specific. However, a good rule of thumb for minimum assembly time tolerances with the recommended water misting is 10 minutes of total assembly time. In cold climates, it is recommended the Adhesive is kept warm 20-30C. (Fortis can assist for simple setup of heat rooms) FORTIS AD5105-S generally requires lower dosages than traditional resins used for engineered wood products.


Excellent wood-to-wood contact is necessary to achieve optimum bond strength. A good mechanical fit for finger-jointing is necessary and internal or bonding pressures for laminating must be at least 1400kPa for optimum performance. Extensive laboratory experiments have shown that to achieve optimum performance with the FORTIS AD5105-S a water mist can be applied to the wood.

EN302 /AS/NZS 4364:2010
GLTAA Certificate
Working Time
Clamp Time
30min@20°C (65% RH)
80-140 g/m²
Pack Sizes