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Polyurethane Floor Coatings


Polyurethane floor coatings find practical applications in a majority of flooring. For that reason they are now being used not only in residential and retail but even more so in factories, workshops and garages. Above all Fortis have designed them with withstand a range of harsh environments including chemical and heat resistance. Our range of polyurethane floor coatings suit most applications. Due to the high quality and customer expectation we specialize in non-yellowing coatings.

0055_Polyurethane_Coating_Satin_Fortis_519_Lounge_900x600.jpg 1k Solvent Based Clear Non-Yellowing Top Coat  
Moth_VS_2016-10-04_0098_900x600.jpg 2k Waterbased Clear Non-Yellowing Top Coat  
Satin_Finish_Concrete_Floor_900x600.jpg 2k Waterbased Clear Non- Yellowing Primer  
527_wall_900_x_600.JPG 2k Solvent Based Color Non-Yellowing Top Coat  
Adhesion_Promoter_for_concrete_floor_coating_900x600.jpg Concrete Penetrative Adhesion Promoter