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Fortis Prime 520

FORTIS PRIME 520 water based polyurethane.


FORTIS ECO PRIME 520 is a two component, clear, water based polyurethane primer build coat, suitable sealing and priming porous substrates.  Excellent for both concrete and timber. 


2 Componenet Water Based Polyurethane


  • Non-Yellowing
  • Medium build
  • Water-based two-pack
  • Exterior/Interior use
  • Low Odour
  • Excellent adhesion to siliceous and most polar compounds
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Cures well in humid or cold conditions


Construction, Concrete Repair, Industrial & Mining


Use a Squirrel Mixer® (1 gallon size) with a variable speed drill, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Add the hardener slowly and evenly into the mixing vortex in the resin component, while maintaining a constant mixing speed throughout the addition. Avoid entraining air. Continue mixing for a minimum of three minutes. Proper mixing of the viscous hardener into the low viscosity resin component is essential to achieve proper coating properties. Filter before use. Mixed product has a pot life of 2 hours at 25°C.


For new wood and fully sanded old timber surfaces, final sand with 220 grit sandpaper. For concrete surfaces, best results are obtained from diamond-grinding followed by etching with Fortis CCA Acid based cleaner to remove the grinding debris and to lower the concrete pH. After the CCA cleaner has dried, prime the surface with Fortis Polyurethane Adhesion Promoter. Allow 2-4 hours for Promoter to fully react, then apply the FORTIS ECO PRIME520. Apply 1 - 2 coats of FORTIS ECO PRIME520, followed by 1 or 2 coats of FORTIS COAT526 Gloss or Satin depending on required finish

Semi Gloss
Mix ratio
4.1:1 by weight or volume
Pot Life
Film Thickness
60µm DFT
Coverage Rate
10m2/ L
Dry to recoat# subject to environment
4-6 hours @20°C
Dry to sand
Pack Sizes