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Product Lines

22L AeroBond™ Canisters

AeroBond™ Canisters

Portable Adhesives in a 22L Aerosol Canister provides no-mess application.


Aerosol High Temp AD40

High Temp Contact Adhesive - AeroBond™ AD40

Fast-drying, high tack contact spray adhesive with high-temperature resistance

High Tack AD20

Fast Tack - AeroBond™ AD20

Fast-drying, high tack pressure sensitive contact adhesive.

Expanding Foam Adhesive PU80

Polyurethane Foam Adhesive - AeroBond™ PU 80

PU 80 is a fast foaming polyurethane adhesive and insulation foam used to seal around windows and doors during construction.


Technical Note #1 - Coating Delamination


De-lamination of coatings can occur between the coating system and the substrate. Possible causes for de-lamination are: Contamination Inadequate surface preparation Incompatibility Contamination Contamination can be on the floor surfaces or it …

Technical Note #3 - Coating Rejection


Rejection, commonly known, as Silicon Effect is a pullback of a coating applied to a substrate. Rejection of coatings on floor surfaces is typically caused by contaminants. The most common contaminants are: …


Our adhesives and coatings are for use on Residential, Commercial & Civil projects.

Whether manufacturing Truck bodies, RV's or Caravans, we have the right adhesives and coatings

From headliners & upholstery to carpet, Fortis has the right adhesives for your vehicle or boat.

Which adhesive is best for Woodworking? PVA, Polyurethane or Epoxy glue. Ask us today.

Need to repair a mining conveyor belt, reline a bin, or put on a protective coating? Call us

For superior Shop Fit Out, you can't go past our range of Specialty Coatings and Adhesives


About Us


Fortis Adhesives & Coatings Pty Ltd Established in 2008, Fortis setup in Dandenong South, Victoria as an Australian Made and Owned manufacturer of Adhesives, Epoxy Coatings and Non-Yellowing Polyurethane coatings for Melbourne …