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Concrete Polishing Densifier

Concrete Shield™ Densifier

Concrete Shield™ Densifier is a ready to use, silicate blend of Potassium and Lithium solution used to polish, harden, and seal green or aged concrete. The silicate solution penetrates concrete to...

Concrete Polishing Lithium

Concrete Shield™ Premium Lithium Densifier

Concrete Shield™ Premium Lithium is a high performance Nano Lithium Silicate solution with penetration additives for premium polished concrete floor. The nano particle Concrete Shield™ Premium...

Brush Contact Adhesive AD215

Brush Contact Adhesive - Fortis AD215

FORTIS AD215. Brush Contact Adhesive that is heat resistant. A HIGH-QUALITY contact adhesive with excellent brushing consistency.

Cross Linking Contact AD225

Cross Linking Contact Adhesive - Fortis AD225

FORTIS AD225 is a premium grade cross-linkable contact adhesive. FORTIS AD225 is fast drying, and provides excellent adhesion to difficult to bond substrates, including but not limited to: plastics,...

Polystyrene Adhesive AD211

Spray Adhesive For Polystyrene - Fortis AD211-PS

FORTIS AD211-PS is a high tack solvent-based contact adhesive. FORTIS AD211-PS offers high initial grab and has been formulated for use in the bonding of polystyrene and other lightweight insulation...