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Polyurethane Adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives bond to most substrates and are ideal for woodworking and construction

Polyurethane Adhesives are exceptionally versatile and are perfect for timber and RV composite lamination. These range from Fast (AD5105) to slower cure systems (AD5405). AD5113 Laminating Adhesive bonds stainless, polystyrene or rubber. AD512 Flooring Adhesive is general construction adhesive that is moisture tolerant used framing.

Timber_Flooring_Adhesive_Fortis_900x600.jpg Flooring Adhesive  
using_polyurethane_to_assemble_wooden_stairs_900x600.jpg Construction Adhesive  
Stainless_bench_sink_glued_with_Fortis_AD5113_0LGfEb9.jpg Laminating Adhesive  
Large_Beam_lamination_plant_900x600.jpg Timber Glue, Fast Cure  
FORTIS_AD5205_gluing_redgum_tabletop_900x600.jpg Timber Glue, Med Cure  
door_and_window_manufacture_for_Fortis_adhesives_2_900x600.jpg Timber Glue  
Glueing_Carpet_Tack_Strip_Fortis_Adhesives_900_x_600_V3IKvOu.jpg Smooth Edge  
nip_roller_adhesive_900x600.jpg Vinyl/Rubber Adhesive  

Details & Features

These adhesives have been found to provide extremely high strength and high water resistance whilst being exceptional versatile in processing. Our polyurethane adhesives can be used to bond a range of substrates including steel, stainless, polystyrene, EVA foam, rubber and a large range of hardwood timbers. Our moisture curing polyurethane adhesives provide exceptional processing features to transport manufacturers of truck bodies, rail vehicles, caravan (RV) and 4WD bodies. Fortis Polyurethane Adhesives come in both moisture curing and 2 component. It is best to contact us to discuss your requirements.