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Our adhesives and coatings are for use on Residential, Commercial & Civil projects.

Our WaterProofing HydroFort™ range will eliminate unwanted water. Fortis AD515 is the universal Adhesive to keep in your toolbox when gluing framing, timber to steel lintels. Fortis AD512 polyurethane adhesive is perfect for yellow tongue and flooring.  Coatings will protect your concrete floors. Our technical team have the expertise to guide you. Call Us.

IMG_7038_900x600.jpg Epoxy Coatings  
0052_Polyurethane_Coating_Fortis_519_Entrance_900x600.jpg Polyurethane Floor Coatings  
0036_Fortis_Polyaspartic_workshop_floor_coating_900x600.jpg Polyaspartic Coating  
HydroFort_Waterproofing_NO_LOGO_900x600.jpg Waterproofing Membrane  
Fortis_Polyurethane_Coating_4_NO_LOGO_900x600.jpg Vapour Barrier  
Fortis Logo Membrane Primer  
0057_Lithium_Densifier_polished_Concrete_Fortis_900x600.jpg Concrete Densifier and Grout  
Photo_9-09-2016_1_50_03_PM_900x600.jpg Concrete Acid Stains  
img-5_900x600_LNtjw9E.jpg Concrete Sealers  
Beam_Lam_900x600.jpg Glue Laminating Adhesive  
laminating_curved_timber_900x600_1.jpg Polyurethane Adhesives  
Fortis Logo Contact Adhesive  
Glue_lamination_using_Fortis_Adhesives_900x600.jpg PVA Adhesive  
casting_epoxy_for_furniture_by_fortis_adhesives_and_coatings_900x600.jpg Epoxy Adhesive & Casting Resin  
Fortis Logo Thinners & Solvents  
Fortis Logo Glue & Booth Release Agent  
0035_Fortis_Penetrating_Sealer_for_pavers_900x600.jpg Penetrating Concrete Sealer  
Grafitti_900x600.JPG Anti Graffiti Coating  
Fortis Logo UltraCrete™ 3KPU  
Fortis Logo Crack Injection Polyurea  
Fortis Logo 22L AeroBond™ Canisters  

About Our Range

Fortis manufacture and continue to develop a large range of Adhesives, Protective Floor and Metal Coatings, Waterproofing Membranes and Concrete repair products.

Polyurethane adhesives are the perfect toolbox for gluing timber to steel lintels or for gluing yellow tongue down to flooring joints. For the stainless steel splashback or benchtop high-temperature resistant AD5113.

Our Epoxies and Polyurethane floor coatings are the premium method to finish off residential or commercial flooring. And for those completing driveways water-based sealers are the Eco-friendly choice.

Call our Technical Team for Assistance.