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Our range of Industrial Construction products makes repairing and protecting concrete simple

Concrete repairs can be costly. Epoxies prevent against chemical attack and Polyapartics are ideal for when discolouration is a concern. HydroFort protects concrete substrates from water. If the surface needs extensive repair, 824 self-levelling Epoxy or 3 Part PU provide a cost-effective approach.

IMG_7038_900x600.jpg Epoxy Coatings  
0052_Polyurethane_Coating_Fortis_519_Entrance_900x600.jpg Polyurethane Floor Coatings  
0036_Fortis_Polyaspartic_workshop_floor_coating_900x600.jpg Polyaspartic Coating  
HydroFort_Waterproofing_NO_LOGO_900x600.jpg Waterproofing Membrane  
Fortis_Polyurethane_Coating_4_NO_LOGO_900x600.jpg Vapour Barrier  
Fortis Logo Membrane Primer  
0057_Lithium_Densifier_polished_Concrete_Fortis_900x600.jpg Concrete Densifier and Grout  
Photo_9-09-2016_1_50_03_PM_900x600.jpg Concrete Acid Stains  
img-5_900x600_LNtjw9E.jpg Concrete Sealers  
casting_epoxy_for_furniture_by_fortis_adhesives_and_coatings_900x600.jpg Epoxy Adhesive & Casting Resin  
Fortis Logo Application Tools  
Fortis Logo Concrete Shield™ Cleaners  
0035_Fortis_Penetrating_Sealer_for_pavers_900x600.jpg Penetrating Concrete Sealer  
Grafitti_900x600.JPG Anti Graffiti Coating  
Fortis Logo UltraCrete™ 3KPU  
Fortis Logo Crack Injection Polyurea  

About Our Range

Concrete damage is typically due to a few key issues. Chemical Attack is common in manufacturing plants. With the application of an Epoxy of Polyaspartic topical floor coating, a chemical attack is preventable. The floor coating provides a sacrificial barrier between the chemicals and concrete extending the life of the concrete floor, bund, or building inevitably.

Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity. This is best prevented at the time of concrete production. Fortis in conjunction with Monash University has Concrete damage does not mean the end of service or costly replacement. Prevention is always better, however, the repair is possible.

If the concrete has suffered Excessive Abrasion and Erosion it can be resurfaced with self-levelling poxy or polyurethane repair mortars and the application of an Epoxy topical floor coating to prevent further degradation. Self-levelling compounds are applied after shot blasting the damaged floor. Surface Defects in concrete are the simplest to repair with epoxy or polyurea patching compounds. These can be left or coated to give an aesthetically pleasing surface. If the concrete has had a Loss of Support speciality injection Grouts fill the voids. For any technical queries please Call Us.