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Adhesives for all bonding applications. Epoxy resins, polyurethanes, PVA and natural rubbers.

Polyurethane is ideal for the bonding of timber and composite lamination, Contact Adhesive for glueing foams and fabrics, PVA for MDF, melamine and woodworking, Epoxy for specialised lamination, and Rubber Adhesive for shoe soles.

Beam_Lam_900x600.jpg Glue Laminating Adhesive  
laminating_curved_timber_900x600_1.jpg Polyurethane Adhesives  
Fortis Logo Contact Adhesive  
Glue_lamination_using_Fortis_Adhesives_900x600.jpg PVA Adhesive  
casting_epoxy_for_furniture_by_fortis_adhesives_and_coatings_900x600.jpg Epoxy Adhesive & Casting Resin  
Rubber_glue_contact_adhesive_fortis_900x600.jpg Rubber Contact Cement  

About Our Range

ADHESIVES is the technical name for glue, cement or paste. Fortis utilise many chemistries to cover all bonding applications. Fortis produce: Polyurethane Structural Adhesives for Timber Glue Lamination of beams and finger joints Specialised Polyurethanes for composite lamination and woodworking Contact Adhesives made from natural and synthetic rubbers for laminating and bonding veneers, fabrics and metals in furniture and RV manufacture PVA glues for Craft, MDF and Melamine. These are non-toxic, VOC free systems. Epoxy Adhesives for a range of applications. Our Epoxy Adhesives are application-specific. With in-house chemists and our technical team, we can offer the right choice of adhesive.

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