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Product Ranges: Concrete Acid Stains, Acrylic Sealers, Polyurethane Adhesive, Contact Adhesive, PVA Adhesive, Rubber Cement, AeroBond™ Canisters, Non-Slip Additive.

Polyurethane adhesives are perfect to laminate timbers, whilst AeroBond™ Contact Adhesives are superior for bonding fabrics for any shop fit-out. For a simple application, try our AeroBond™ Canisters.

Concrete Acid Stains Concrete Acid Stains  
Acrylic Sealers Concrete Sealers  
Polyurethane Adhesive Polyurethane Adhesives  
Fortis Logo Contact Adhesive  
PVA Adhesive PVA Adhesive  
Rubber Cement Rubber Contact Cement  
Fortis Logo 22L AeroBond™ Canisters  
Non-Slip Additive Non-Slip Additive  

About Our Range

Shopfitting teams provide a designer interior finishes of the floor, walls, furniture, light fittings, and signage. Carpenters, flooring applicators and electricians collaboratively fit out retail stores and shopping centres.

At Fortis, shopfitters can draw on our expertise in adhesives to glue all unusual substrates, from fabrics to checkered alloys and metals. And for the bespoke floor, nothing beats high resin flooring with metallics or one-off acid stained overlays.  

We can help bring your clients requirement fruition. Call us today.

For superior Shop Fit Out, you can't go past our range of Specialty Coatings and Adhesives.