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Check out our broad range of coatings or protective coatings for concrete and metal substrates. Superior protection and aesthetically pleasing.

Epoxy is the most economical coating for large industrial areas. Nothing beats Polyaspartic for fast return to service. Both are suitable for the harshest of environments. Non-yellowing coatings are ideal for residential or retail floors.

IMG_7038_900x600.jpg Epoxy Coatings  
0052_Polyurethane_Coating_Fortis_519_Entrance_900x600.jpg Polyurethane Floor Coatings  
0036_Fortis_Polyaspartic_workshop_floor_coating_900x600.jpg Polyaspartic Coating  
0057_Lithium_Densifier_polished_Concrete_Fortis_900x600.jpg Concrete Densifier and Grout  
Photo_9-09-2016_1_50_03_PM_900x600.jpg Concrete Acid Stains  
img-5_900x600_LNtjw9E.jpg Concrete Sealers  
0035_Fortis_Penetrating_Sealer_for_pavers_900x600.jpg Penetrating Concrete Sealer  
Grafitti_900x600.JPG Anti Graffiti Coating  

About Our Range

Fortis manufacture a range of concrete, metal and timber coatings suitable for a range of applications. We recommend choosing from our Epoxy or polyaspartic high build coatings for the harshest environments, where both chemical and abrasion resistance are a concern. For residential or retail flooring where a premium look is required, our non-yellowing polyurethanes such as Fortis 519 are preferred. For those requiring low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), we have a range of both water-based and 100% resin systems. For Architects and Applicators, call us to discuss what will best suit your project.