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Truck, Bus & RV

Whether manufacturing Truck bodies, RV's or Caravans, we have the right adhesives and coatings

Our Polyurethane Adhesives bond laminate for Refrigerated Truck Bodies and RV siding. AeroBond™ and Fortis Contact Adhesives are more suitable for glueing RV panels and fabrics. Call our technical team for support.

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About Our Range

Insulated truck bodies are traditionally laminated skins. For styrene, Rigid Polyurethane foam to ply, FRP or a metal skin use a single or 2 component polyurethane adhesive.

Contact adhesives including AeroBond™ and Polyurethane Adhesives are two common adhesives used in the manufacture of RV, caravan, camper trailers contact.

Buses utilise a similar build process as in the RV industry, however, the need for structural Epoxies is more common here as the subframe makes up part of the overall strength.

At Fortis, we develop customer and industries specific adhesives to ensure optimised processing and to meet local workplace regulations. Call us to Discuss.