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Craft & Hobby


Adhesives and Paints for DIY, repair, decoration & crafts

Our craft glues and paints are perfect for art lovers. For use in school projects, to making costumes for Comic-Con, to non-toxic paints our products are easy to use, easy to clean Our craft glues are perfect for art and craft lovers of all ages. From card and collage making for school projects, to devising performance and flow charts for your office space, our soft adhesives are easy to use, easy to clean, and contain no solvents acid.

laminating_curved_timber_900x600_1.jpg Polyurethane Adhesive  
Glue_lamination_using_Fortis_Adhesives_900x600.jpg PVA Adhesive - White Glue  
Fortis Logo Contact Adhesive  
Photo_9-09-2016_1_50_03_PM_900x600.jpg Concrete Acid Stains  
Rubber_glue_contact_adhesive_fortis_900x600.jpg Rubber Contact Cement