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Product Ranges: Concrete Acid Stains, Polyurethane Adhesive, Contact Adhesive, PVA Adhesive, Rubber Cement.

Fortis water-based non-toxic PVA is the perfect choice for most hobby needs. Use Brush Contact and Rubber Adhesive for costumes and movie props, as it provides a more flexible bond. To add Patina to any sculptures, try our Concrete Acid Stains.

Concrete Acid Stains Concrete Acid Stains  
Polyurethane Adhesive Polyurethane Adhesives  
Fortis Logo Contact Adhesive  
PVA Adhesive PVA Adhesive  
Rubber Cement Rubber Contact Cement  

About Our Range

Crafts and hobbyists alike prefer our NNon-Toxic PVA glues adhesives when glueing up their project. AD317 is typically used for glueing cardboard, fabrics and balsawood or for fortifying pigments and paints.  It also is the perfect primer for EVA foam and polystyrene before painting.

Bruch Contact is a universal adhesive for EVA and nitrile foams for costume making. Whilst PA75 is perfect for bonding leather and vinyl.  Both are favourites for Comic-Con dress and costume makers. 

For the Hobbyist or Artist, choosing the right product is easy with our range.