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Polyaspartic Coating

Rapid cure, fast return to service coatings

Polyaspartic coatings provide quick return to service and non-yellowing performance for commercial and retail floors. UltraSpart™ is the leading brand for protection of both concrete and metal structures.

Fortis_Polyaspartic_floor_coating-workshop-garage.jpg Polyaspartic 100% Solids  

Details & Features

Finally a rapid curing polyaspartic coating designed for the Australian market that is as durable as it is decorative. Recommended for both residential and commercial applications. It is colour stable, allowing it to take UV exposure without the colour shift seen with other coating systems. UltraSpart™ Polyaspartic is mixed at 1:1 ratio. It has a sufficient pot life to be rolled, brushed or sprayed. Superior protection of both concrete and metal structures. UltraSpart™ can be used in conjunction with either micro paint chips, quartz granules or on it own in a variety of colours with any desired slip resistance to create a durable seamless floor. UltraSpart™ UF can be used in conjunction with DTM primers for superior metal protection.