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Polyurethane Membranes

Products: HydroFort™ PU.

HydroFort™ liquid membranes are manufactured in Melbourne, and are tested to AS/NZS 4858 at CSIRO. For a tough, seamless membrane suitable for above and below ground applications, look no further than HydroFort™ PU.

Waterproofing Membrane - HydroFort™ PU Polyurethane Membrane, Low VOC  

Details & Features

Fortis HydroFort™ is a total waterproofing system. The HydroFort™ PU is moisture curing liquid-applied polyurethane membrane that when applied correctly leaves a highly elastic waterproof membrane. Polyurethane membranes are the strongest of the liquid applied membranes and are typically used for external balconies and rooftops. Broadcasting silica sand on the second coat ensures superior bonding to most tiles adhesives or trafficable non-yellowing coating.

Hydrostatic pressure needs to be resolve before application of HydroFort™ PU. If the water is tracking from garden walls HydroFort™ VB epoxy vapour barrier is first used.

For porous substrates that are not subject to hydrostatic pressure but may have a small amount of vapour movement such as multistorey complexes, it is best to apply HydroFort™ Primer.

Water stands for no man and as such may require different approaches. Call our technical team for support.

Polyurethanes are the preferred choice for seamless waterproofing membranes.