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Automotive & Marine

From headliners & upholstery to carpet, Fortis has the right adhesives for your vehicle or boat.

AeroBond™ Canister Adhesives are perfect for glueing automotive headliners and fabrics in the workshop. Contact Adhesives are best suited for larger upholstery and Vinyl fabricators.

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laminating_curved_timber_900x600_1.jpg Polyurethane Adhesives  
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Rubber_glue_contact_adhesive_fortis_900x600.jpg Rubber Contact Cement  
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About Our Range

Fortis combine our knowledge and creative methods to assist those involved in the automotive and marine market. From headliner adhesives to boat building adhesives, to metal protection our range of products improve production efficiencies and bond quality.

Aftermarket car marketing required HeadlinerUpholstery and Carpet adhesive.

For the marine market, we have speciality Polyurethane vinyl adhesive for dashboards as well as epoxies for Timber boat building.

We pride ourselves on offering a tailored solution to each customer. Call Us to discuss your specific needs.