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Product Ranges: Polyurethane Membranes, Epoxy Vapour Barrier, Primers.

HydroFort™ PU is the premium waterproofing membrane for balconies, rooftops and retaining walls. Use HydroFort™ VB to prevent hydrostatic pressure before applying the membrane and HydroFort™ Primer to seal porous substrates.

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About Our Range

With Hydrofort™, Fortis provides a comprehensive solution for all your construction waterproofing needs. First, HydroFort™ VB is a water-based 2-part Epoxy Vapor Barrier specially designed to prevent hydrostatic water pressure. Furthermore, HydroFort™ Primer acts as a fast priming system, meticulously sealing porous substrates prior to membrane application. Additionally, HydroFort™ PU is liquid-applied and moisture-curing, and creates a seamless, elastomeric (class 3) waterproofing membrane upon curing. Importantly, our systems are highly versatile, catering to both above and below-ground applications.

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Safeguard Your Assets Against Water Damage: Choose the Correct Liquid-Applied Waterproofing Membrane for Maximum Protection.