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Protect your assets from rising water with the right liquid applied waterproofing membrane.

HydroFort™ PU is the premium waterproofing membrane for balconies, rooftops and retaining walls. Use HydroFort™ VB to prevent hydrostatic pressure before application of the membrane or HydroFort™Primer to seal porous substrates.

HydroFort_Waterproofing_NO_LOGO_900x600.jpg Waterproofing Membrane  
Fortis_Polyurethane_Coating_4_NO_LOGO_900x600.jpg Vapour Barrier  
Fortis Logo Membrane Primer  

About Our Range

Fortis offers full systems for construction waterproofing needs. HydroFort™ VB is a water-based 2-part Epoxy vapour barrier to prevent hydrostatic water pressure. HydroFort™Primer is a fast priming system to seal porous substrates before membrane application. HydroFort™ PU is a liquid applied, moisture curing, self-levelling, waterproofing membrane which cures to form a seamless, elastomeric (class 3) waterproofing membrane. Our systems are suitable for above and below ground applications. Call Us Today