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Epoxy Floor Coating - Fortis Coat 823 HS

FORTIS COAT 823 HS is a high solid, high build, two-pack epoxy floor coating designed for applications demanding high structural integrity. FORTIS COAT 823 HS is available in colour and clear. Refer to the Colour Chart.


FORTIS COAT 823 HS is multi-purpose epoxy suitable for topcoats or seamless epoxy flake base coats, exhibiting excellent adhesion, high durability, and a decorative finish suitable for commercial to heavy industrial applications. 

Typically FORTIS COAT 823 HS is used for heavy industrial flooring, warehousing, factories, printing facilities, food processing plants, recycling plants but is also suitable for domestic and retail applications.




95% solids epoxy Easy to roll Highly chemical resistant Excellent adhesion – self-priming High build application Ideal base coat


Construction, Automotive & Marine, Concrete, Industrial & Mining


Fortis Coat 823 HS can be applied by brush, roller or airless sprayer. Mixed material should be poured out in ribbons across the area to be rolled.


Substrates should be thoroughly sanded or ground to provide a keyed surface. If applying over existing coatings adhesion should be tested by preparation of a small test area. Remove all potential contaminants. On new concrete surfaces, it is best to diamond grind the surface. Old surfaces are best diamond ground but it is possible to etch and clean the surface. Contact Fortis if unsure. Fortis Coat 823 HS is self-priming, though improved adhesion can be achieved by use with Fortis Coat 823 PRIME. New concrete must be cured for a minimum of 28 days before application.


Mix ratio
3 parts A to 1 part B (vol)
Work time
30-60 minutes
Film Thickness:
150μm per coat
Coverage Rate
Tack free
6 hours
Foot traffic
24 hours
Number of Coats:
Gloss Level

Pack Sizes

4L , 16L

Available Colours

B23 Bright Blue (Made To Order)
G21 Jade (Made To Order)
N14 White
N35 Light Grey
N44 Bridge Grey
N61 Black (Made To Order)
COLORBOND® Paperbark (Made To Order)
X43 Beige (Made To Order)
Y14 Golden Yellow (Made To Order)
R13 Signal Red (Made To Order)


Technical Datasheets

Fortis Coat 823 HS - Technical Data Sheet

Safety Datasheets

Fortis Coat 823 HS Pt.A- Safety Data Sheet
Fortis Coat 823 HS Pt.B- Safety Data Sheet


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