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Polyurethane Carpet Adhesive - Smooth Edge

A fast curing polyurethane specific for bonding gripper and metal trims to concrete surfaces.


Fortis Smooth Edge Adhesive is a fast setting liquid polyurethane glue. It has been designed for bonding carpet gripper, smooth edge to highly dense concrete sub-floors, ceramic tiles and other hard to nail into sub-floors. The fast curing nature allows for a quick return to service. Typically within 1 hour of gripper/smooth edge placement.  Suitable for all indoor applications as is it solvent-free, low VOC and formaldehyde-free.




Rapid set Added adhesion promoters to bond to concrete Excellent resistance to water and heat Bonding smooth edge carpet


Construction, Truck, Bus & RV, Automotive & Marine, Furniture & Woodworking, Craft & Hobby, Shop Fit Out


Apply a thin bead of adhesive to one surface. Press the two surfaces to be bonded firmly together. The pressure is required to keep the two surfaces in contact while adhesive cures. Large extrusions should also be fixed with appropriate fixing screws.

Fortis CARPET GRIP is a moisture curing system. 1 hour curing time is recommended, however, this can be accelerated by spraying a light mist of water to one surface. If applied in a thick bead, the product will foam more, take longer to cure and achieve a weaker bond.

The rapid setting nature of this product allows for stretching of carpet approximately 1 hour after gripper placement.


Ensure bonded surface is clean and dust-free, and free of any other contaminants


10 min
Set Time
~1 hour
Application Temp:
5°C to 35°C

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Technical Datasheets

Fortis Smooth Edge Technical Data Sheet

Safety Datasheets

Fortis Smooth Edge Safety Data Sheet AUS GHS