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PVA Adhesive

Products: Fortis AD311, Fortis AD313, Fortis AD317.

PVA is a water-based and non-toxic adhesive used in carpentry and joinery. For gluing MDF: Fortis AD311 is specially formulated, for Melamine: Fortis AD313, and for general purpose and high-performance interior/exterior gluing, use Fortis AD317.

MDF Glue - Fortis AD311 MDF Glue AD311  
Melamine Glue - Fortis AD313 Melamine Glue AD313  
Exterior PVA - Fortis AD317 Interior/Exterior PVA AD317  

Details & Features

PVAs are the most widely known adhesive, used in woodworking projects from craft to hobby and DIY projects. Fortis make a variety of PVA glues for carpentry, joinery, woodworking and DIY. These include specialised MDF, cross-linking, and melamine adhesives, as well as an all-purpose PVA to suit any application. Furthermore, FORTIS PVA glues are designed in Australia, non-toxic, and are easy to clean up with warm soapy water.

Waterbased Non-Toxic PVA's. Best for gluing MDF and melamine timber.