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Concrete Sealing, Polishing & Staining

Unprotected Concrete such as driveways, pavers, and floors can be easily damaged, with the most common causes including water damage and unwanted staining, as well as general wear and tear. Once the damage has occured, it can be difficult to fix (if you do need to repair damaged concrete, check out our Concrete Repair Systems). A better solution is to apply a protective coating to prevent damage in the first place.

There are many options for protecting concrete include densifiers for strengthening the concrete, grouts for filling imperfections, sealers for protection against water and stains, as well as acid stains for changing surface appearance. The best choice for your concrete will depend on: The type of concrete surface (i.e. indoor, outdoor, pavers) If it's residential or industrial, and The desired finish (i.e. Gloss, Matt, Wet-look, Colorful). No matter what you require, Fortis' ConcreteShield™ range provides the best protection for concrete surfaces with the finish of your choice.

The ConcreteShield™ Range

Sealers protect concrete from water, stains, and environmental factors, with a slight wet look finish. Our water-based AcrylaSeal is excellent for concrete driveways and walkways, and AcrylaPave provides the additional penetration and bonding needed for concrete pavers. For a full gloss finish, apply AcrylaPolish on top of AcrylaSeal.

Densifiers harden the surface of concrete, improving durability and wear-resistance. They are an economical solution for floors that require dustproofing without a topical sealer. Our Premium Lithium Densifier is the best choice for residential floors, and Concrete Shield Densifier is suitable for large factory floors.

Polishing Grout is used as part of the polishing process to fill small pinholes and imperfections in the concrete surface, ensuring a smooth and polished finish. Our Polishing Grout is compatible with all Fortis densifiers and enhancers.

Enhancers protect polished concrete after full densification and finishing with resin pads. Natural Enhancer lightly enhances the stones without changing the color of the concrete, and Wet Look Enhancer gives the concrete a "wet" appearance, without a full gloss or topical coating.

Concrete Acid Stains add color and depth to concrete surfaces by reacting chemically with the concrete. Fortis' industry-leading Concrete Acid Stains create unique and permanent color effects, perfect for shop fit-out.

Please note that the specific properties, applications, and usage instructions for these products can vary, so be sure to review the full details for each product. Accurate and detailed information, including product availability and usage guidelines, is avaiable right here on the Fortis Adhesives and Coatings website. If you can't find the information you're looking for, contact our customer service directly for any assistance.

Contact us to purchase the full ConcreteShield™ range, or order AcrylaSeal, AcrylaPave, and Concrete Acid Stains online through ourOnline Retail Store. If you're not sure which coating is right for your floor, phone us on +61 3 9706 5448. Take the step towards durable, long-lasting, and visually appealing concrete surfaces today!

Fortis Acrylic Driveway Sealer Made in Australia ConcreteShield™ AcrylaSeal Driveway Fortis Concrete Shield™ Premium Lithium Densifier ConcreteShield™ Premium Lithium Densifier Fortis Concrete Shield™ Wet Look Enhancer Concrete Shield™ Wet Look Enhancer Fortis Concrete Acid Stain - Antique Blue Fortis Concrete Acid Stain - Antique Blue