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Contact Adhesive

Contact Adhesives are now accompanied by our advanced environment-friendly packaging options.

Contact adhesives are solvent based adhesives based on rubbers. In addition to being called Contact Adhesives many know them as contact cements. Excellent for bonding porous and non-porous substrates. Typical applications include laminating veneers. A range of adhesives specifically designed for adhering vinyl, upholstery, laminate, cork, rubber and leather.

Rubber_glue_contact_adhesive_fortis_900x600_k9BaKYz.jpg Thick Brush Contact Adhesive  
Rubber_glue_for_leather_bonding_Fortis_Adhesives_900x600.jpg Cross Linking Contact Adhesive  
Fortis Logo Red Polystyrene Spray Adhesive  
Fortis Logo Clear Spray Contact Adhesive