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Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Highly water repellent penetrating sealers for concrete, sandstone & brick

Concrete Shield PS-Natural is ideal for sealing concrete, sandstone & brick, without changing the appearance. Concrete Shield PS-WL is preferable for a slight darkening of the surface.

0048_Polished_Concrete_Entrance_Way_900x600.jpg Penetrating Sealer - Natural  
Fortis_Coatings_Densifier_Full_Exposure_Mechanical_Polish_Art_Gallery4_900x600.jpg Penetrating Sealer - Wet Look  

Details & Features

Fortis have a range of Penetrating Sealers. For fast return to service we have non flammable solvent based penetrating sealers.  Available in natural look so it doesnt change the look of the surface.  We also have a slight wet look that darkens the surface slightly.