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Polyaspartic Floor Coating - UltraSpart™ 100

UltraSpart™ 100 is a two-component, low VOC, aliphatic polyaspartic coating designed as a UV stable topcoat for polyurea and polyurethane systems, or as a standalone rapid return to service system over properly prepared substrates.

Polyaspartic floor Sydney NSW


It is colour stable and non-yellowing, exhibiting excellent UV resistance. It is available in a range of colours and typically used in:Light to severe industrial Domestic projects Commercial projects Seamless flake flooring UV resistant topcoat




High solids UV stable (aliphatic) Rapid return to service Low VOC Excellent chemical resistance Excellent abrasion and impact resistance Excellent adhesion to metal and concrete


Construction, Concrete


Mixed material should be poured out in ribbons across the area to be rolled. A 270mm microfibre 5mm NAP roller cover is recommended. The roller should be rolled dry every 10-18m² to prevent the roller from becoming tacky and increase the rollers life. Do not excessively overwork the coating. It is important to back-roll to ensure even application and to break any balloons than may have formed from pinholes. Replace roller cover every 50-90m². To achieve a non-slip finish, colour chip or flake floor, refer to the relevant Fortis technical bulletin


Substrates should be thoroughly sanded or ground to provide a keyed surface. If applying over existing coatings adhesion should be tested by preparation of a small test area. Remove all potential contaminants. On new concrete surfaces, it is best to diamond grind the surface. Old surfaces are best diamond ground but it is possible to etch and clean the surface. Contact Fortis if unsure. New concrete must be cured for a minimum of 28 days before the application.

Mix ratio
1 parts A to 1 part B (vol)
Volume solids
VOC content
<50 g/L
Application temperature
-10 to +35ºC
Work time
15-20 minutes
Coverage Rate
Tack free
1 to 2 hours
Light foot traffic
3-5 hours
Return to service
24 hours
Final Cure:
7 Days
Pack Sizes

8L and 20L kits

Available Colours
B23 Bright Blue
G21 Jade
N14 White
Cloud Cover
N35 Light Grey
N44 Bridge Grey
N61 Black
COLORBOND® Paperbark
X43 Beige
Y14 Golden Yellow
R13 Signal Red