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Vapour Barrier

Protect concrete from rising damp and hydrostatic water

Our HydroFort™ VB Vapour Barrier prevents issues associated with hydrostatic water pressure or rising damp on cementitious or brick wall surfaces. It has excellent adhesion and tolerance to damp surfaces, eliminating the need to dry prior to application.

Fortis_519_Satin_over__timber_flooring_1_NO_LOGO_900x600.jpg Water based Epoxy Vapour Barrier  

Details & Features

HydroFort™ VB Vapour Barrier is a water-based high-performance epoxy vapour barrier that is suitable for porous substrates. It is specifically used under timber floors to prevent cupping on ground floors or before the application of membranes in underground car parks and garages. Use either a vapour barrier or primer to seal off vapour from the first and second floors.  Before application confirm that the movement of water is not due to broken water pipes.