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Industrial & Mining

Product Ranges: Epoxy Coatings, Contact Adhesive, Rubber Cement, UltraCrete™ 3KPU, AeroBond™ Canisters.

Contact Adhesives and Polyurethane adhesives help repair rubber belts and assist with bin relining for both polyurethane sheet or rubber. For protection from abrasion, check out our High Build 824 Epoxy and UltraSpart Polyaspartic.

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About Our Range

Mining is a hard environment that puts stress on equipment.  Whether drilling, processing and excavation equipment under constant, heavy vibration and stress.

Fortis has a range of adhesives and protective coatings that increase uptime and improve the efficiency in your mine.

Need to repair a mining conveyor belt, reline a bin, or put on a protective coating? Call us.