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Furniture & Woodworking

Product Ranges: Polyurethane Adhesive, PVA Adhesive, Epoxy Adhesives & Resins, Solvents, AeroBond™ Canisters.

Polyurethane is best for glueing of hardwoods. PVA is ideal for glueing MDF, melamine and softwoods. For a stronger bond use out Epoxies. Finish off your fabric and vinyl with AeroBond™ Contact Adhesives.

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About Our Range

All carpenters use glue as a tool in manufacturing their furniture, kitchen cabinets, stairways and stringers.  For MDF and Melamine, the use of PVA's ensures easy application and cleanup.

To increase processing time when laying up wooden tabletops furniture markers look to polyurethane adhesives. They find the adhesive takes up the wood stain with no glue line raise highly beneficial.

For timber stair manufacture polyurethane adhesives as preferred due to strength. Onsite the use of cartridges AD515 polyurethane ensures not waste and ease of application.

Speciality veneer work is subject to the laminate requirement. Polyurethane is for thick lamination, PVA for small wood inlay and Epoxy for areas that are moisture sensitive.

Fortis has an adhesive for all your woodworking and furniture manufacturing needs. Contact us.


Which adhesive is best for Woodworking? PVA, Polyurethane or Epoxy glue. Ask us today.