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Concrete Densifiers

Products: Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000, Concrete Shield™ Densifier, Concrete Shield™ Premium Lithium Densifier.

Polished concrete floors are a multistep mechanical process, but are well worth the effort. Begin with an initial application of Concrete Shield™ Densifier or Concrete Shield™ Premium Lithium Densifier to prepare the concrete surface, followed by Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000 to fill any remaining holes. Repeat the densification 3 to 6 times. For the last densification the Concrete Shield™ Premium Lithium Densifier is required for a polishable finish.

Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000 Concrete Polishing Grout  
Concrete Shield™ Densifier Concrete Polishing Densifier  
Concrete Shield™ Premium Lithium Densifier Concrete Polishing Premium Lithium Densifier  

Details & Features

The Concrete Shield™ range supports any applicator to produce superior polished concrete. Our concrete densifiers have the added benefit of propriety penetrating agents which provide penetrate deeper into the concrete to provide a higher level of sheen. From blends to Pure Lithium Densifiers, Grouts and finishing enhancers the level of finish is easiest to achieve with Concrete Sheild™. For enquiries about the range and technical advice, speak to our technical team today.

Premium Polished Concrete Floors in a fraction of the time.