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Concrete Shield™ Acrylic Sealers


The AcrylaShield™ range of acrylic concrete sealers & stone sealers are all Low VOC water based Acrylic hybrid coatings and sealers. High quality acrylic sealers / paints are designed to enhance colours, add gloss, whilst providing the easiest of application with little to no odor. Fortis AcrylaShield™ range provide superior wear whilst being the most cost-effective way to enhance concrete, pavers and stone. They are also used for sealing of stone and brickwork.

img-5_900x600.jpg Water based Concrete Sealer  
IMG_5815_900x600.jpg Water Based Paving Sealer  
0024_AcrylaSeal_acrylic_concrete_sealer_Fortis_900x600.jpg Water based Sealer / Polish