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Results for "carpentry"

Your search for carpentry was found in 1 product line, 3 products, and 4 industries.

Product Lines

PVA Adhesive

PVA Adhesive

Waterbased Non-Toxic PVA's. Best for gluing MDF and melamine timber.


MDF Glue AD311

MDF Glue - Fortis AD311

Fast setting Water-Based non-toxic PVA specifically designed for bonding MDF.

Melamine Glue AD313

Melamine Glue - Fortis AD313

A Water-Based Non-Toxic melamine glue bonding melamine faced board in the manufacture of cabinets and drawers. Dries Clear.

Interior/Exterior PVA AD317

Exterior PVA - Fortis AD317

A high moisture resistance Non-Toxic Water-Based PVA adhesive for interior and exterior applications.


Our adhesives and coatings are for use on Residential, Commercial & Civil projects.

Which adhesive is best for Woodworking? PVA, Polyurethane or Epoxy glue. Ask us today.

For the Hobbyist or Artist, choosing the right product is easy with our range.

For superior Shop Fit Out, you can't go past our range of Specialty Coatings and Adhesives