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Your search for self-leveling was found in 1 product line, 6 products, and 4 industries.

Product Lines

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

A complete range of industrial epoxy floor coating systems for factories, carparks and garages.


100% Solids Epoxy 824 SL

Epoxy Floor Coating - Fortis Coat 824 SL

FORTIS COAT 824 SL is a self-levelling solvent-free two-pack epoxy floor coating designed for build coats from 5mm to 40 mm. FORTIS COAT 824 SL is available in clear for metallic flooring and in...

100% Self-Leveling Urethane

Self-Leveling Urethane UltraCrete™ 3KPU

Fortis UltraCrete™ 3KPU is our urethane-based system is a heavy-duty seamless resurfacer that provides exceptional durability and service.

Water-based Epoxy AquaCoat™

Water-based Epoxy - AquaCoat™ Floor Coating

Fortis AquaCoat™ is an ultra-low VOC, high solids, two-pack water-based epoxy floor coating designed for use on concrete floors in areas of pedestrian traffic, light to medium vehicle traffic, and...

High Build Epoxy 823 HS

Epoxy Floor Coating - Fortis Coat 823 HS

FORTIS COAT 823 HS is a high solid, high build, two-pack epoxy floor coating designed for applications demanding high structural integrity. FORTIS COAT 823 HS is available in colour and clear. Refer...

Epoxy Primer 820

Epoxy Primer - Fortis Prime 820

A high solid clear epoxy primer that reinstates and primes poor concrete surfaces before application the application of topcoats.

Epoxy Primer 823

Epoxy Primer - Fortis Prime 823

A fast cure solvent-based epoxy primer for concrete substrates before application of topcoats including flake floor.


Our adhesives and coatings are for use on Residential, Commercial & Civil projects.

From headliners & upholstery to carpet, Fortis has the right adhesives for your vehicle or boat.

Our range of Industrial Construction products makes repairing and protecting concrete simple

Need to repair a mining conveyor belt, reline a bin, or put on a protective coating? Call us