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Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000

Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000 is a high-performance grout for use with polished concrete and terrazzo floors.


Specifically formulated for re-grouting and hole filling in polished concrete surfaces. It's an inherent part of the polishing process when used with Concrete Shield™ Premium Denisfier and Concrete Shield™ Enhancer. Grout 1000 is effective for patching and filling small air pockets/pinholes when polishing as well as hardening and sealing fresh or aged concrete.




Superior bonding Non-yellowingUltra-low VOC Ready to use concentrate Environmentally friendly Suitable for grouting before coating with Fortis Coatings


Construction, Concrete


Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000 should be applied with a pump sprayer and a fine bristle broom. First, spray a light coat of water to help with the absorption of Grout 1000 into the pores. Spray enough water to coat the floor but not enough to pool. While damp, spray Grout 1000 on the floor liberally with a pump sprayer 3 to 5 meters in front of the grinder. Agitate the floor with the broom to clean out the dust of the pores in the concrete. Run the grinder with 120 grit diamonds through the wet Grout 1000. The Grout 1000 will combine with the dust being created by the 120 grit diamonds and that slurry will be forced into holes created by air bubbles and pulled out aggregate. Afterwards, gently sweep the floor with a fine broom to get most of the excess balled up slurry off the floor. Fortis Concrete Shield™ Densifier or Concrete Shield™ Premium Lithium should then be applied.


Before application ensure that the substrate is clean, dry, and free of wax, oil, dirt, grease, curing compounds, and loose, flaking material. Ensure surface is between 10°C and 35°C. Ensure that area is well ventilated during application and until the grout has dried. For best results, concrete floors should be grouted within 2 days of grinding to prevent latency. Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000 can also be diluted and used as a cost-effective dust sealer for concrete.


Do not allow material to pond as this will result in white staining once dried. Do not apply at the polishing stage or an uneven colour may result. Not suitable for use on natural stone. Do not apply over areas previously treated with concrete curing compounds or membrane-forming sealers unless these have been completely removed. Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000 cannot be expected to make bad or disintegrating concrete into good concrete.


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Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000 - Technical Data Sheet

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Concrete Shield™ Grout 1000 Safety Data Sheet


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