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Concrete Shield™ Densifiers and Grouts


Premium Polished Concrete Floors in a fraction of the time.

For superior polished concrete the Concrete Shield™ range of products is there to support the applicator. Our concrete densifiers have the added benefit of propriety penetrating agents allowing for a deeper penetration and higher level of sheen. From blends to Pure Lithium Densifiers, Grouts and finishing enhancers the level of finish is easy to achieve. Speak to our technical team for advice.


polished_concrete_grouting_process_900x600.jpg High Solids Grout for Concrete Polishing  
0007_Polished_Concrete_900x600.jpg Potassium Densifier For Concrete Polishing  
0012_Lithium_Densifier_Fortis_900x600.jpg Lithium Densifier for Concrete Polishing  
0048_Polished_Concrete_Entrance_Way_900x600.jpg Natural Look Enhancer Penetrating Sealer  
Fortis_Coatings_Densifier_Full_Exposure_Mechanical_Polish_Art_Gallery4_900x600.jpg Wet Look Enhancer Penetrating Sealer