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Fortis PA75

Fortis PA75 is a very high quality heat-resistant carbon/pu based contact adhesive for the adhesion of various vinyls, rubbers and laminates


Material PU Rubber Properties Very fast Heat resistant Fast drying For universal use Ready to use


Polyurethane - isocyanate free


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent green strength
  • Excellent spray-ability
  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • Very good plasticizer resistance
  • Low Staining
  • Wet or heat activated bonding
  • Use as 1 part or 2part depending on performance requirements


Construction, Truck, Bus & RV, Automotive & Marine, Furniture & Woodworking, Craft & Hobby, Shop Fit Out


For gluing all types of surfaces. Fortis PA75 may be applied by brush, roller-coater or automatic cementing machine. An even coat adhesives should be applied to both surfaces and allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. The substrates should be reactivated a a temperature of no less than 55°C and press for 60 seconds at 80PSI. Substrates may be pre-coated and stored for short period so time. For higher temperature resistance we recommend the use of Fortis Catalyst PA75 at between 5-15% by weight.


All surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free of and any oils or grease. Smooth or polished surfaces should first be roughed with fine abrasive. If degreasing is necessary, a detergent/water treatment should first be considered. If this is inappropriate, a suitable solvent such as Aetone my be used. It is advisable to check the effects of degreasing solvents on plastics, rubber materials and painted surfaces before carrying out the operations.

PVC: Rough lightly or wipe with a solvent.

LEATHER: Roughen well , removing all pigment

COATED FABRICS: Rough way synthetic coating or solvent wipe.

RUBBER: Roughen the surface and wipe with acetone.

POLYURETHANE: Roughen the surface and double wipe with acetone. It is recommended that the glue be tested for a suitable bond to the substrate prior to application

Application temperature
5-30 °C
50-120 cPs @ 20°C
3-5 m2/L
Pack Sizes