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PVA Adhesive - White Glue


PVA Glue (Polyvinyl acetates)

PVAs are the most commonly known adhesive. FORTIS have a variety of PVA glues used for carpentry, joinery, woodworking and DIY. These include MDF, cross linking and melamine adhesives to suit all applications. FORTIS PVA glues are designed in Australia to suit a variety of substrates and porous materials, are water-based and clean up with warm soapy water.

PVA_for_biscuit_joining_by_Fortis_Adhesives_900x600.jpg MDF PVA Glue  
Melamine_PVA_glue_900x600.jpg Melamine PVA Glue  
furniture_PVA_glue_900x600.jpg D3 Exterior/Interior PVA