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Structural Laminating Adhesive


Fortis Structural Glue Lamination Adhesives are design to meet EN302 /AS/NZS 4364:2010. As a result they are widely used in Structural Glue Laminated Timber. In addition our structural adhesives have superior penetration into timbers making it the laminating adhesive of choice for Hardwoods. Registration CERTIFICATE #007 with the GLTAA -Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia.

Fortis Adhesives & Coatings have an extensive range of cure speeds to allow tailoring to customers individual requirements. This in addition to fully backed technical support. Call our technical sales to discuss how we can help wether it be bonding oily hardwoods or Radiata pine to Vic Ash.

Fingercomb_900x600.jpg 2min Fingerjoining  
Fingerjoing_equipment_using_Forits_Adhesives_900x600.jpg 4min Fingerjoining  
Glue_lamination_adhesive_900x600.jpg 10min Glue Lamination  
Glue_beam_lamination_structural_adhesives_fortis_adhesives_and_coatings_900x600.jpg 20min Glue Lamination  
structural_beam_lamination_900x600.jpg 30min Glue Lamination  
Structural_beams_using_Fortis_structural_adhesives_900x600.jpg 50min Glue Lamination