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Polyurethane Top Coat - Fortis Coat 527

Fortis Coat 527 is a two-part non-yellowing polyurethane coating with good chemical resistance and exterior durability.


Fortis Coat 527 is superior long-term non-yellow modified polyurethane acrylate that is isocyanate cured. Available in clear and colour it provides a tough flexible abrasion-resistant coating. The coating is perfect for upgrading an aged epoxy floor coating. Unlike epoxies, it has an unlimited re-coatable window. Note: we advise that you test this product to determine if it is suitable for your particular use.


Modified Polyurethane Acrylate


  • Excellent colour retention
  • Non-yellowing
  • Tough, flexible and abrasion-resistant
  • Chemical resistant

Construction, Concrete


Mix Fortis Coat 527 in the correct mixing ratio. Mixed material should be poured out in ribbons across the area to be rolled. Use a  microfibre 5mm nap roller cover. Apply Fortis Coat 527 over a previously primed surface for best results.  The pot life is limited to 2 hours.  Clear as soon as the colour is dust-free. Before clear coat and after the 527 is hard, sand with P400 – P600.


The highest degree of surface preparation will result in the highest performance coating.

Substrates should be thoroughly sanded or ground to provide a keyed surface. Refer to Technical Note #4 - Surface Preparation. If applying over existing coatings adhesion should be tested. Remove all potential contaminants. On concrete surfaces, it is best to diamond grind the surface. Fresh concrete should be left to cure for a minimum of 28 days before the application.

Clear and Coloured
Film Thickness
70μm @ 7.5m²/L
Coverage Rate
Number Of Coats
2 over a primer
Unlimited on itself
Final Cure
7 Days
Pack Sizes


Available Colours
N14 White
N35 Light Grey
N44 Bridge Grey
N61 Black
X43 Beige