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Epoxy Adhesive & Casting Resin

When a superior bond strength is required Fortis recommend the use of Epoxy systems

Epoxy Resin Adhesives are versatile and known for excellent bond strength. Fortis AD822 High Strength is ideal for substrates such as timber, laminates and concrete, and creates bonds that handle high compressive loads. Fortis AD822 Ultra Clear is recommended when sheathing or casting into timber/concrete.

Boat_building_using_Fortis_Epoxies_900x600.jpg Epoxy Adhesive, High Strength  
clear_epoxy_for_wooden_furniture_fortis_900x600.jpg Epoxy Resin, Ultra Clear  

Details & Features

Epoxies are an extremely versatile adhesive known for their excellent bonding strength and ability to handle high compressive loads. From Clear Epoxy Casting to high strength marine grade epoxy adhesives. Call us to discuss our range and how we can …