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Results for "epoxy-vapour-barrier"

Your search for epoxy-vapour-barrier was found in 2 product lines, 2 products, and 2 industries.

Product Lines

Vapour Barrier

Epoxy Vapour Barrier

Protect concrete from rising damp and hydrostatic water.

Waterproofing Membrane

Polyurethane Membranes

Polyurethanes are the preferred choice for seamless waterproofing membranes.


Water based Epoxy Vapour Barrier

Water-based Epoxy Vapour Barrier - HydroFort™ VB

HydroFort™ VB (Vapour Barrier) is a low VOC water-based epoxy vapour barrier.

Polyurethane Membrane, Low VOC

Waterproofing Membrane - HydroFort™ PU

HydroFort™ PU is a highly elastic, class 3, single component, liquid applied, polyurethane waterproofing membrane system that complies with AS/NZS 4858. HydroFort™ PU forms a tough, durable membrane...


Our adhesives and coatings are for use on Residential, Commercial & Civil projects.

Our range of Industrial Construction products makes repairing and protecting concrete simple