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Epoxy Coatings

A complete range of industrial epoxy floor coating systems for factories, carparks and garages

Fortis Coat 823 high build epoxy is the ideal coating for concrete flooring protection, providing the perfect balance between performance and cost. Fortis 824 is a higher performance solvent-free system, whilst AquaCoat™ Water-based Epoxy is recommended for DIY application. All our coatings are easy to apply.

0034_Epoxy_floor_using__Fortis_Epoxy_900x600.jpg Water-based Epoxy AquaCoat™  
Epoxy_floor_coating_fortis_823_HS_high_solids_900x600.jpg High Build Epoxy 823 HS  
IMG_1001_900_x_600.JPG Epoxy Primer 820  
Clear Self-Levelling epoxy  with metallics. 5mm 100% Solids Epoxy 824 SL  
Prime 823 industrial Epoxy Primer 823  

Details & Features

These formulations allow for varying degrees of thickness, chemical and wear resistant as well as surface finish.They also allow for ease of application, special bonding characteristics, and VOC considerations. Our Epoxy Floor coatings bond extremely well to properly prepared concrete.