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Contact Adhesive

Fast lamination and bonding can only be achieved with Contact Adhesives

Fortis AD215 Brush Contact is a universal contact adhesive and can be applied to most substrates. For faster application, when producing RV laminates use Fortis AD213 Clear Spray, or AD211 Spray Adhesive for polystyrene specific applications. Where extremely high-temperature resistance is required, use Cross-Linking Fortis AD225.

Rubber_glue_contact_adhesive_fortis_900x600_k9BaKYz.jpg Brush Contact Adhesive AD215  
Rubber_glue_for_leather_bonding_Fortis_Adhesives_900x600.jpg Cross Linking Contact AD225  
Fortis Logo Polystyrene Adhesive AD211  
Veneering with Contact Adhesive Fortis AD213 Spray Contact AD213  

Details & Features

Contact adhesives are solvent based adhesives based on rubbers. In addition to being called Contact Adhesives many know them as contact cements. Excellent for bonding porous and non-porous substrates. Typical applications include laminating veneers. A range of adhesives specifically designed for adhering vinyl, upholstery, laminate, cork, rubber and leather.